Increasing The Internal Memory Of Your Android Tablet or Phone


SD card as you want but class 4 or higher
SD Card will give excellent speed to your
– Rooted smart-phone.
– Or Rooted Tablet (If you want to increase
RAM and Internal Memory of it.)
– SD card reader
– Windows PC
– An Internet connection for downloading a
few softwares or you can get it from
somewhere else also
Note For Users : This method mostly worked
in all Machine Devices; Internal Memory
Trick will work on all devices but Ram
Increasing methods dependent on your
phone’s ROM whether Swappingis
supported by your ROM or not.(The
information about your phone’s ROM, you
can get it our Ram increasing section given
First step you have to do is to partition your
SD Card and for doing this you have to:
– Download Mini tool Partition from here .
– Install the application on your PC and
connect your SD card to your PC with Card
– Open Mini Tool Partition in your PC and
when the wizards open click on your SD
Card and select Delete option. (Not: This
will format your SD Card completely mean
that it will erase your data permanently, so
previous to doing this backup your data at
any place in PC or other Storage device.)
– When the Formatting of your SD Card is
completed then, you have whole of space of
your SD Card as unallocated then Right
click SD Card and select make option.
– A pop-up box will open giving you options
for making partition; select the partition as
primary and file system as FAT if SD Card is
less than 4GB or FAT32 if your SD Card is
more than 4GB.
– Leave about 512 MB or more space (your
choice) for making the next partition.
– Then select done and do right click on
unallocated space of your SD Card and
again click make option. Select Primary
partition but change the file system to Ext2,
Ext3 or Ext4.
Note: (Ext2 is not compulsory as most ROMs
work fine with it). How To Make Ram Of
SD Card Android
– Click Apply Changes and then process goes
on for the few minutes and then partition is
– Install Link2sd from Google Play or
download and install the .apk format file
from here to your phone.
– On the first launch of the app, it will
question for root permissions and then, it
will question you the file system of the .ext
partition that you had before made, choose
the option as you had choose in the
partitioning steps.
– Sort the apps according to size and start
linking them and then you have done your
Now you have your Phone’s Internal
Memory+ Ext file size made by you in your
SD Card. Now you can go your apps from
your device memory to SD Card and
simultaneously your device speed will also
be increased.
Good luck

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